May 14, 2015

Minnesota Valley Surgery Center Offers MAKO® Advanced Robotic Technology

Precision equipment only one of its kind in Minnesota

Minnesota Valley Surgery Center is proud to be the only institution in Minnesota to offer its patients a robotically-­‐assisted technology focusing on minimally invasive partial knee and total hip replacement called MAKOplasty®.

Consisting of a MAKO robotic arm that is controlled by the operating surgeon, MAKOplasty is a robotic arm-­‐assisted surgery that is an advanced application designed to help appropriate patients in need of partial knee or total hip replacement. With a synchronized robotic arm and operating computer, a certified surgeon controls the arm's movement and performs surgery with pinpoint accuracy. The system is accurate to within less than 1 mm, providing significant benefits to both the patient and operating surgeon.

For the patient, incisions are significantly smaller than regular surgery with minimal tissue damage and blood loss occurring. Postoperative pain is kept to a minimum and, in general, the procedures are performed as same day surgeries. The surgeon has greater confidence in procedural accuracy and that the outcome will be favorable without any difficult, follow-­‐up surgeries required. The robot also provides tactile, auditory and visual feedback during the procedure, ensuring that the surgeon is operating within the correct parameters.

Robert Hartman, M.D., is the only orthopedic surgeon in the state that has performed MAKOplasty. The operating robot is only one of 225 in the United States and the only MAKO robotic arm in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.

"We are bringing Minnesota and surrounding states some of the most advanced knee and hip replacement technology available," said Dr. Hartman, orthopedic surgeon at Minnesota Valley Surgery Center. "The precision of this equipment is unparalleled and yields numerous benefits for both patient and surgeon. At Minnesota Valley Surgery Center, we strive to provide the latest in technological innovation to our patients, ensuring they receive the best healthcare possible."

To learn more about Minnesota Valley Surgery Center and the procedures offered to its patients, visit or call (952) 232‐1110.

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